salmon report from the waterville Fishery

15/2/13 Lough Currane came alive with the sound of the Shimano reel, singing its national anthem today on the south side of the lake, when renowned local Gillie Mr. Mike O’ Dwyer, caught a fine 7.5lbs Salmon on the troll, and the crack didn’t end there, because Mike, headed straight for the Waterville Inn, to claim the Paddy Carey Memorial Cup from the Landlord, Mr. Damian Duff and his good wife Sally, for bringing in the first Salmon into the Waterville Inn, and I can tell you the pints were flowing like a spate river. 16/2/13 There were no boats fishing the North side and for good reason there was as strong SSE wind blowing and what boats were out on the South Side failed Miserably in their duties. Wind as already stated and overcast all day.

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